Food Worth Writing For has hit 1000+ views


Stats from WordPress – very exciting to hit 1,000 views (October 27, 2019)

It has been a little under a year and a half since I started this blog – I’m very excited to announce that my site has hit over 1k views and 600 visitors from all over the world. The blog hit 1,000 views on October 27, 2019. It’s also amazing the Instagram account has over 1.1k followers (!! It definitely is far less than many other Instagram accounts (Hangrydiary has over 140k followers), but I’d like to think my posts are more educational (plus, not everyone is interested in culinary history versus just food pictures). I am satisfied as is to teach people about culinary history one post at a time. 

Anyways, this blog has been a great medium for writing about culinary history and improving my writing one blog post at a time – even if people didn’t read it. 


WordPress provides a map of the world to show where viewers are from. Most are from the United States. The color spectrum from 1 to 713 represents the # of viewers per country (so the highest # of viewers are 713 from one country, the US, and the lowest # of viewers is 1 from various countries)

I took a look at the different countries many viewers were from. You can see in the pictures that while the majority are from the US, there are many from different countries and backgrounds. I’ll be taking the top 5 countries and writing about a dish from each country in my next post. Stay tuned for that! 

Viewers from the Top 5 countries:  1) US, 2) Canada, 3) Germany, 4) United Kingdom, 5) China


countriesv2 -1

countriesv2 - 2

As you look at the screenshots above, it is fascinating to see where all the viewers are from.

You’ll notice a dip in my writing after October 2018. I switched to a new job last year in November 2018, and it has affected the time I have for writing. I’ll work harder at trying to get more articles out – these are the next few articles/topics I’ll be writing on :

  1. A food item from each of the top 5 countries of my blog’s WordPress stats – As mentioned above, the top 5 countries with the most viewers of the blog were 1) US, 2) Canada, 3) Germany, 4) the United Kingdom, 5) China
  2. Sushi Zo – an amazing omakase-only restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. I’ll talk about the restaurant and its focus on edo-mae style sushi. 
  3. The Origins and Economics of Chocolate – did you know that fermentation is used in making chocolate? 
  4. Atlas Obscura Pitch (can’t tell you the topic, but I’ve been working on a pitch for Atlas Obscura. If it doesn’t pan out, I’ll post it on this blog)

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read this blog! And my followers!

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